About Us

The Kaleidoprax Institute’s journey started from the foundations laid by Hough & Horne in the early 1980’s. 

The Kaleidoprax Institute is committed to empowering South Africans with the English skills they need to excel in their environment. ​

WE STARTED as an English Training Company. We have been diagnosing English Competence & providing unique Solutions for 20+ years. 

We have always been passionate about people. Our niche is making a difference in people’s lives by improving their English skills. 

But… we felt we were missing something with the Literacy gap in society not shrinking fast enough. We dared to ask why.

  • Why should people care?
  • Why are we in business?
  • What is our PURPOSE?

WE CHANGED to a People Empowerment Company. We accomplish this by taking people on The Great English Adventure to improve their English skills… their thinking skills…and their confidence where English is the language of use.

Why Choose Us?​

The Kaleidopprax Adventure

Our GREAT ENGLISH ADVENTURE is designed to make the journey of English development the priority and not the quick-fix slap-on intervention. 

We are a 21st-century company that shapes solutions to suit the needs of our clients. We accomplish this with a blended approach to optimise facilitation and tech-based learning, using online and board-based resources and methods.

Our discerning value-add is our starting point – an accurate measure of the current location on the route to provide the best solution based on individual skill level, strengths and weaknesses.

We provide a wide range of solutions on our Literacy roadmap for a wide spectrum of candidates. Every measured candidate can enter the programme designed for his/her perfect development process. 

We pride ourselves in our work and believe that English is an important key to achieving equality and better opportunities for all people in the world of further studies and work. 

English skills can be improved!

The Kaleidoprax Team

Our comprehensive suite of professionals caters to a diverse team, ranging from seasoned architects to renowned engineers.

Managing Director & Overall Boss Lady 

Instructional Designer & Creative Mastermind

Scoring and Results Referee

IN MEMORIAM: Theunis Horne

(30 Oct 1935 –  8 July 2010)

Theunis, CEO of Hough & Horne, described himself as a professional educator-cum-communication skills consultant.

​In 1983, after what he described as a “26-year apprenticeship in the teaching profession and educational publishing”, he found his niche and all the job satisfaction he was craving for in the Education, Training and Development (ETD) in the private sector.
​He created, designed, developed and networked when he was not consulting, marketing, training, researching or entrepreneuring.
​ELSA (eight clones), LITERATI (an indigenous, pre-ABET literacy board game), and Hands-On English ( ABET I-IV) are some of his better-known brainchildren. He holds a BEd (Natal) and an MEd (Potch), and had a passion for “finding ways and means to lessen the trials and tribulations of language transferees.”

He also believed that 90% of ETD’s woes – nationally – can be related to the imposition of ETD on learners/trainees/students who are not linguistically ready.

​Not only was he the father of many brilliant concepts and ideas that led to wonderful solutions in the world of education and training, but he was also a father to many in people’s development. Theunis was extravagant in sharing knowledge and experience, and more so in imparting his positive spirit in facing all challenges.

​Many will testify to his incredible sense of humour, more so to his ability to always leave one with that ‘feel-good’ about oneself.

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