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Bite-Size English is an innovative online learning program designed for second-language adults who seek to improve their everyday English. Learning takes place in your own time, at your own pace. Online access is possible through multiple devices via a reliable internet connection. Bite-Size is a re-imagined approach to language learning. Dive into real-life applications and problem-solving scenarios, ensuring you not only grasp the language but master it in a way that empowers you in every aspect of your daily life.

Plan Your Journey

Passport to begin the great English Adventure

Determine your destination. What do you want to accomplish? List the requirements for the journey. Know your available time. 

Comfort Zone Test

Map (You are here) Start the English Literacy Skills Assessment (ELSA)

The ELSA (English Literacy Skills Assessment) is the “pin-drop” to determine your current English comfort location. Get the most out of the journey by entering at the correct skill level. 


Pack your suitcase and join the Great Enlish Adventure

​Our Online English Language program will empower you to move forward and turn this journey into a GREAT adventure.

The Bite-size English Online English Solutions Literacy Roadmap.

Learning Modules

Enter at level 5
​to progress to 6​

Learning time: Approx 45 hours

 In this fifteen-lesson module, the learner joins the news team at The Mental Floss Express as an Intern. In the module, they’ll engage with interesting and newsworthy stories whilst learning to communicate in English using the four basic skills – listen, speak, read and write.

Enter at level 6
​to progress to 7

​Learning time: Approx 45 hours

 The learner joins the news team as a fully-fledged journalist—although still a junior who receives coaching. More assignments follow as they explore the world and hone those necessary communication skills. 

Enter at level 7
​to progress to 8

Learning time: Approx 45 hours

 On this journey, the learner interacts with ten different careers in the ‘A Day in The Life of’ series. While language development remains at the forefront, the program also encourages critical thinking and other higher-order thinking skills.

Enter at level 8
​to progress to 9

​Learning time: Approx 45 hours

 This next-level challenge theme takes on a colouring of different worldviews and real-life scenarios. Learners are encouraged to think outside their preferred style as they become workplace functional in English. 

Online English Solutions with Bite Size English

Product Features

  • Learning is offered in small chunks to fit busy work- and life schedules
  • It encourages and manages self-driven learning
  • Provides appropriate resources to continuously use and develop language skills beyond the program shelf life
  • Learning is managed online – PC and Smartphone-enabled