How to use the ELSA Online Admin System

Login to OR via from the Home page with your username & password.
All functions are navigated from the ELSA Online Admin System Home Page.

How to Navigate ELSA Online Admin System.

Are you using e-ELSA or Paper & Pen ELSA?

  1. Is it appropriate for your audience?
  2. Resource check:
    • Internet speed
    • Sound
  3. Set the universal access code.
  4. Check credit balance & order credits.
Tutorial video 1: How to Check & Order Credits
Tutorial video 2: How to give access to e-ELSA candidates

Administer ELSA

e-ELSA is auto-scored and Reports can be downloaded immediately after completion.

  1. ​Print ELSA scripts
  2. Check credit balance & order credits
Tutorial video 1: How to Check & Order Credits

Administer ELSA

Tutorial video 3: How to Scan ELSA Scripts
  1. Scan the scripts.             
    • Only pages with SCAN icon
    • Elementary 10 pg / Intermediate 11 pg
  2. Register the candidate online.
  3. Upload the PDF OR deliver hard copies (large batches) to 3 Jochem van Bruggen Ave, Alberante​
Tutorial video 4: How to Create a Candidate & Upload scripts

ELSA Reports

1. Download Individual reports.

2. Download batch report in a spreadsheet.

Tutorial video 5: How to download Reports